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About Willy

After 35 years of practice in New York City, I still love my work and the change it can breathe into the lives of my clients.

When I first heard of Rolfing, I was a 21 year old art student in Berkeley California with a motorcycle and enough hair on my head to significantly dampen the impact of any 2×4 that headed in the direction of my skull.  I was looking forward to improved, posture, flexibility and the chance to try out the most interesting new thing that was happening at the time (1972).  A few weeks before my first session, I lost control of my motorcycle on the highway and luckily survived with a minor shoulder injury.

After recovering from the motorcycle accident I had even more motivation  to try out Rolfing.  Right from the start the sessions began to dissolve the remaining feelings of trauma and fear I had from the accident .  I as my tissues lengthened and eased and my awareness of my body grew, I began to feel a sense of physical confidence and strength that I had never had before.

The changes I felt were  enriching and liberating in ways I could not have anticipated. The changes in my physical structure effected my energy, my emotions, my sense of self, and ultimately my way of seeing things around me. Looking back now I can see that what began  as a recovery process eventually lead me to my life’s work.

By the end of the first ten sessions I was more vertical, flexible and had more physical confidence than I had ever had and I knew I had found my life’s work. I spent the next few  years working as a counselor, teacher and massage therapist to ready myself for training at the  Rolf Institute. My original training in 1976-1977 was with Dr. Rolf and Peter Levine and Emmet Hutchins. I have been an assistant teacher in Basic Rolfing trainings and have mentored beginning Rolfers throughout my career.

My art school education was the foundation of my ability to see and understand of the human body in all its variety and expression.  The artists who have contributed immeasurably to my understanding  include Honore Daumier, August Rodin, and Otto Frei.


  • Trained in 1976-1977 with Dr. Ida Rolf, Peter Melchior, and Emmet Hutchins
  • 1978 Trained with Peter Levine in Reichian Therapy
  • Advanced Training 1979 Peter Melchior, Emmet Hutchins
  • Resident Rolfer Esalen Institute Big Sur, California 1979
  • Trained with John Upledger in Cranial Sacral Technique in 1980
  • Assisted Teacher Rolfing Trainings 1982- 1983
  • Rolf Institute Admissions Committee Member 1984-1989
  • Organized and led a Rolf Institute Professional “Citizens Exchange” trip to the then Soviet Union in 1987.
  • Trained and Certified in Somatic Experiencing (SE) with Peter Levine in 2001.

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