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After a session with Willy, I feel my body has released much of the tension that has built up from all the stresses that life has thrown my way.  I believe that my posture has improved over the long term thanks to Willy.  He is totally professional, takes great care at making me clients feel relaxed and at ease, and he seems to know just the right amount of pressure to apply to promote health and avoid discomfort. ~Ann H., NY

When I went to see Willy, I was in a lot of pain [pain all over] from a lower back injury I’d caused myself. To make matters worse, I sit in front of my PC all day and after the injury, sitting was the most uncomfortable thing I could do; this effecting not just my physicality but my ability to earn a living. I’d been to 3 doctors, a kinesiologist, traditional massage and had been in physical therapy for a few weeks and nothing was working.   So…I went searching for answers online and found Willy. After 7 sessions I’m feeling so much better…I can’t thank him enough. It’s a dramatic change. I can workout again and work at the PC for hours, and have finally given up my pain meds and muscle relaxers which was my goal. I feel longer and stronger and simply better than I have felt in a very long time…this, a direct testament to his skill!  ~Dina, Darien CT


I was in a car accident in 2006 and tried everything suggested by the professionals: Physical therapy (which included massage), chiropractic manipulation, stretching, traction, accupuncture… I was not getting the relief I needed. My Naturopathic physician suggested Rolfing and referred me to William Kaye. Rolfing provided the release in my body that was necessary to allow the other, more conventional care to be effective. I also experienced an unexpected bonus – liberation from somatic trauma from my late teens. Willy Kaye is kind, flexible, professional and courteous. I highly recommend him to others. ~Barbara, Stamford CT


I was referred to Willy due to lower back problems starting in 2007. He is an excellent, caring healer who has both a breadth of experience and a gift for listening to whatever complaints both you and your body are making.??He’s helped me recover from acute pain due to slipped disc, from a wrist injury, and from bad posture after gettin twisted from several bad falls while snowboarding.??I’ve recommended him to people for years, and continue to do so. If you’re going to try rolfing… I can’t see why you wouldn’t book a session with him. He cares about his clients well beyond just rehabilitating an injury and will go the extra mile for them. ~Saad, Stamford CT


The Rolfing was amazing and all the you promised.  I have retained all of the improvements that were achieved in the 10 sessions we did together.  The back and heel problems were chronic for years and rolfing was the first therapy/ treatment that actually brought lasting improvements. ~Fred, CPA, Hiker


You  totally totally helped my upper back issues tremendously!  By nature I am a tense person and if I run into anymore issues down the line you will be my “go to” person! Thank you so much again!  ~Ashley


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